Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Think I Can


It's almost that time again. The beginning of a new year; when everyone resolves to do better, have better, be better. "New year, new me."

I'm not any different. I make promises to myself all year long and then, as a new year creeps closer, I always say:  "Yes. For my new year's resolution, I will . . . "

Does it happen? Pfft. Not really. But this time, this year, may be different. See, I'm going to share my resolutions with you. If it's put out there then I can't say: "No one knew so I'm off the hook". Here goes.  

1.) Be healthier. Really. (Isn't this one of everyone's resolutions?) I need to stop sucking down sodas and binge eating potato chips. Bring on the water and baked potatoes! (There is no way I can give up potatoes in some form or another. They are simply too tasty.)

2.) Find more time for me. Between working full time and taking care of my family and the house and writing, time for me just being me slips away. I need to correct that. Which brings me to number three.

3.) Write more. It's hard for me to carve out time to do nothing but write. I try to every day, but it doesn't always happen. I need to get my daily word count back up so all the lovely readers who keep asking when my next book is coming out can get a concrete answer. (Taming James will be out by the spring. I promise.)

4.) Stop staring at the TV and melting into a pool of fangirl anytime a certain male celebrity is on the screen. It's gotten bad, like embarrass-myself bad. (Okay . . . 2 male celebrities.)

And that's it. Think I can do it? What are your 2016 resolutions?


  1. Looks good to me. A free tool which might help you with this is http://resolution.coach - very simple, you just type in your resolution and it helps you review and keep track of your progress (which itself is proven to double your likelihood of success: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/study-reveals-the-one-thing-successful-people-need-do-to-achieve-their-personal-goals-a6713111.html

  2. Great resolutions, Beth! You and I are such kindred souls. I have been writing my goals down as well and was planning to post them before the new year :) Also, I just posted a thing on my Twitter feed TODAY about not being able to edit a blank page. It's crazy how alike we are. Good luck on your goals and I will share mine soon. Happy New Year!!

  3. I cannot wait for TAMING JAMES...You left me hanging when I was reading it. So here is my 2 cents to help you achieve your goals - Get your date planner out. No really get it out. See Time is your most valuable commodity. Everyone - from the Richest man in the world to the poorest of the poor gets the same amount daily. Once spent - it can never be recovered. So spend it wisely. Discipline yourself to be a good steward of your time. Others will spend it for you if you are not careful. Learn to say "no!" Here practice with me. "Gosh! Thanks for thinking of me, I am really honored, but I am going to have to decline at this time, but really thanks for thinking of me." I know, it doesn't sound like you. But re write it in a nice way and use that script often. Guard your time in your planner - Schedule EVERYTHING. It sounds silly but it works. Make lists for the grocery store. Get a floor plan of the store so you can be efficient shopping - yes, I know it sound anal retentive but it works. If you discipline your time now, you will have choices that others don't. Probably the most influential thing I learned from Mary Kay Ash - the pink caddie lady. When you spend time - be in the moment. Don't worry about anything else. Live in that moment. multi task and delegate when you can. I can't remember if you have kids but mine helped even when they were toddlers putting things in the dish washer, sorting laundry - sort of folding - we made it fun but they helped. Everyone pitches in some way some how. I never called them chores. We played music and had fun. Good luck to you. I know you can achieve your goals. Proud of you for posting them and being accountable.