Saturday, January 2, 2016

What's Next?

It's a brand new year, and I've got some brand new projects planned. I thought I would share the stories I hope to share with you soon. (These will not be the actual book covers.)


Taming James (Book 2 of the Unexpected Emotion Series) 

James Wylie is a ladies man, always looking for the next uncomplicated, short term relationship. Liv Hughes knows first hand how much heartbreak hurts, and she's vowed to never again be fooled by a handsome man with pretty words.

Thrown together by work, James and Liv forge a tentative friendship. But after a swift moment of passion, that friendship explodes into something neither one of them expected or really wanted

Does James have it in him to be a one woman man? Can Liv love with all her heart again? Or will their personal demons destroy the tentative love they've found?  (Coming Spring 2016)

Tempting Norah (Book 3 of the Unexpected Emotion Series) 

Norah Jackson is a world-famous actress who has never felt the sting of love. Chad Lewis is a single father who is ready to embrace a new relationship, and he thinks Norah is the perfect woman. Can they overcome the many obstacles facing them and find their happy ever after? (Tentative Release Date of Late 2016)

Coast (A short story) 

Have you ever coasted along because the cost of leaving would be too high? Stayed because you don't want to start over again, or risk damaging the fragile heart of a child? Stayed even though you knew you should go; even though you knew something better was waiting on the other side of the door? Sandra has. Sandra stayed, not wanting to risk everything she held dear to her heart. Until the day came when she just couldn't find the strength to coast along any longer. This is Sandra, and this is her story. (Coming Soon)

Magnolia Chances (Book 2 of the Magnolia Series) 

Glory Rycroft is rebuilding her life one step at a time, trying to overcome personal tragedy and addiction. When an appealing man and his young son come to town, she is immediately drawn to him. Can they both face down a past that haunts them and find happiness again? (No release date set)

There's a lot of writing to be done in order to get these stories out to you. I'm excited to begin, and I hope you're excited to read them.

I will also be posting a couple of contests, so stay tuned for your chance to win free books and Amazon gift cards!


If you haven't picked up your copy of Trusting Jack or Magnolia Secrets yet, I've included the book info and purchase links below.

Trusting Jack 

After a devastating divorce, Emma is picking up the pieces of her shattered heart and life. Her first step is reclaiming her old job as personal assistant to famous actress Norah Jackson. Work takes her to London, where she meets sexy fledgling actor Jack Brandon. The sizzling attraction is immediate and mutual. 

Little by little, Emma begins to open her heart again. But Jack has a past, too. And it's come back to haunt him, wreaking havoc on their budding romance. Can Emma let go of the hurt and learn to trust Jack completely? Or is their relationship doomed to be a one act play? Available for kindle (Amazon UK readers click here), nook, iBooks, kobo, and oyster.

Magnolia Secrets **ON SALE FOR 99¢** 

Walker and Lainey share one explosive night together, and he awakens to find her gone. Shrugging it off as just a glorious one-night stand, he accepts a new job in a small town: New Hope, Mississippi. That's where he finds Lainey again. She just happens to be married to the Chief of Police-and Walker's new boss. 

Lainey is terrified that Walker will divulge their secret. If he does, Lainey is a dead woman. But despite the danger, she can't forget the one passionate night she spent in Walker's arms. Walker demands answers from Lainey: What secret is she hiding? Why is she so afraid? And when people begin dying, he wants to get to the bottom of it. Why is the police chief trying to brush off the deaths? Why doesn't he want Walker to work the cases? What kind of secrets is he hiding? 

Drawn together, unable to deny their passion, they risk their lives. Lainey is trapped. Walker is determined to save her and uncover the truth. Can they expose the secrets before a ruthless man destroys any hope for a brighter future? Available for kindle (Amazon UK readers click here), nook, iBooks, kobo, and oyster.

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  1. Can't wait to read these, Beth! I know they are going to be great :)