Monday, February 8, 2016

Writing Prompt # 66

Prompt: Choose how you will die.

My first choice would be to die peacefully in my sleep at an advanced age, knowing that everyone I love is happy and healthy. (I think that would be the most popular choice.)
But . . . let's add a backup choice. A fun one. Just in case.

Exhaustion. Complete and utter exhaustion because my male harem wouldn't give me any rest. They were all so jealous, each one vying for my attention. And I had to love them all because I couldn't bear to disappoint them. It would be a deliciously scandalous way to go.

Pffft!! Let's be honest here. My death will probably go something like this: I'm walking along at a Halloween haunted house, laughing with my good pal Autumn. Suddenly, a soul-sucking clown lunges towards me, and I try to run away. Instead, I trip over my own feet and crash to the ground, hitting my head hard enough to put me in an irreversible coma. My husband decides to pull the plug.

Yeah, that sounds about right . . . 

How would you choose to die?

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! I choose death by male harem too! Or death by chocolate! Yum. :D