Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Seal of Approval

**Originally posted on January 22, 2015**

I am excited to announce Magnolia Secrets earned Nonnie Jules' Seal of Approval! Nonnie Jules is the president of Rave Reviews Book Club

I also received a fantastic review on Amazon:

 An Incredibly Crafted Story!!! Felt Like Real-Life! January 21, 2015
By TruthBTold
Format:Kindle Edition

(5 stars) I’m going to start this review, at the end. At the end of MAGNOLIA SECRETS, under About The Author, you will find this in regards to Beth Hale: “She draws inspiration from everyday life, problems we all face, and expands them into vivid, interesting, hard-to-put-down stories.” I will have to agree! Once I really got into this book, which was around Chapter 2, I was hooked! So much so, that I even got upset once when my phone rang, because I didn’t want interruptions during my good read! The only draw-back to the story for me, was that early on, I knew we were dealing with a _____ cops situation and I also knew that the new guy, was going to get involved with someone he shouldn’t. I won’t say what kind of cops situation and I won’t say who, because where I come from, that kind of information sharing, is called *spoiling.* (Beth, next time make it harder for me to figure the plot out so early on). What I didn’t catch onto so quickly, were all the twists and turns of the story that the author took me thru. Similar to SHADOW OF THE DRILL, which made me feel as if I was watching a really good movie on the big screen, MAGNOLIA SECRETS delivered the same feel. It was an edge-of-your-seat, deep-in-good-drama, AWESOMELY TOLD story!! There were a few (minor) typos thru-out the book, but as I said about another recent read, that’s an easy fix for the author and I would suggest she take the time to do so. (I go back and correct any time I get word that a little comma is misplaced, and that’s what good writers do). So, here I go saying this again…I was going to give it 4 stars, but dang-it, this story was so darned good, my key is stuck on 5! Thank you to this author for sharing such a good story with me and I’m so looking forward to the next!

I just wanted to share this news with you because it makes me extremely happy to receive this kind of support for my book.

Have you picked up a copy of Magnolia Secrets yet?  


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