Saturday, October 10, 2015


Thank you for stopping by.  I've shared some information about myself in the About Me section of my site, and I thought I would do a blog post here to share a bit more.  I'll just throw out some random facts about myself and hope you enjoy learning more about me.

--I am short.
--My friends call me the Imperial Leader of all Geekdom.
--Infomercials were designed with people like me in mind.
--I am easily amused.
--I dream of travel.
--My parents spoiled me.
--I used to blindly trust; now, I am a huge conspiracy theorist.
--I like vintage and old fashioned.
--I have several inappropriate crushes.
--I have the vocabulary of a seasoned sailor.
--I have little patience with wimps and whiners. 
--I am not a wimp, but sometimes, I am a whiner.
--My thoughts become clearer after midnight.
--I am a proud, card-carrying member of several fandoms.

And there you go.  Just some random, fun facts about me.  I'd love to know more about you.


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