Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rescuing Lara: A Review

What would you do if you were forced to guard an ancient secret with your life? Would there be anyone you could trust, someone willing to help you, if there were dangerous killers looking for you? Those are questions Lara Spenser must answer in Rescuing Lara: Romancing the Guardians (Book 1).

  Lara Spenser is running for her life. She guards a treasured relic from ages past that no one outside a select group is supposed to know about. Yet, an evil one has learned of its existence and his minions are hot on Lara’s trail. Although she has escaped to Ireland and is living under an alias, her special sixth sense tells her the “Hellhounds” are growing near. Injured in a car wreck that killed her beloved uncle, she is desperate for someone to act as her bodyguard.
Enter Connor O’Shea, ex-Special Forces soldier. Now the foreman for a crew of oil and gas well firefighters, Conn is on an extended vacation after a devastating explosion on his last job. Out of curiosity, he answers Lara’s ad for a “strong chauffeur” and takes on the job of guarding her temporarily.
Conn has his hands full, not only keeping Lara safe but also trying to help her recover from deep physical and emotional wounds. As days and weeks pass the two grow closer and romance blooms, but their tenuous peace is shattered one terrifying night by Lara’s pursuers. Conn may prove his ability to protect her, but can he help her fulfill her destiny as High Guardian of apocalyptic secrets? Can he rescue her from the soul-deep pain that holds her prisoner?
Find the answers in Rescuing Lara, book one in this tantalizing series, Romancing the Guardians.

MY REVIEW: (Five Stars) This book grabbed me the minute I began reading. You're placed in the middle of a mystery, hoping that Lara can unravel the code and manage to save both the secret and herself. Romance gets thrown into the mix in the shape of Conn, the handsome man Lara hires to be her bodyguard. We're taken from Ireland to Texas to Louisiana, with danger and sparks of attraction following all the way. There are twists and turns that left me turning pages. I loved the mythology Ms. Horner added to the book. This is definitely worth a one-click! I will be waiting for the next book in this series.

  Award-winning author Lyn Horner resides in Texas with her husband and several very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor for Art Instruction Schools (famous for their "Draw Me" heads.) After quitting work to raise her children, she took up writing as a hobby, soon discovering a love of historical research and the crafting of passionate romances based upon that research. You can read more about Lyn at her Amazon Author Page. You can also connect with her on twitter and facebook, and don't forget to visit her website.


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