Saturday, October 10, 2015

Unsevered: A Review

**Originally posted on September 1, 2015**

**I have just finished Unsevered, the latest offering from amazing author Traci Sanders.**

  Jewel has met the man of her dreams … the one person with whom she’s meant to spend eternity. Harley is charming, charismatic, and although he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, he’s the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes upon—especially in his U.S. Air Force uniform.
Just days after the couple returns from their honeymoon, Harley is called to active duty in the Middle East. Jewel is heartbroken but determined to adapt to her new life as a military spouse and support her husband. Her plan is short-lived when Harley is killed in action just days after his deployment.
Unable to cope, Jewel withdraws from her family, friends, and the world around her, until Harley visits her with a message from the beyond.
Will Jewel surrender to the dark side to be with her true love, or will she discover that sometimes people are put in our paths for reasons beyond our understanding?
A gripping story of love found, lost, and rediscovered in a magical way.

My Review (5 stars): Unsevered tells the beautiful love story of Jewel and Harley. I was hooked the moment I began reading. Traci Sanders takes you along for the ups and downs of Jewel's life. From her pure and simple joy of a perfect love, to the heartbreaking agony of loss, to the dawn of a new chapter in her life, we are shown Jewel's dedication to Harley and her ability to survive crippling sadness. I applaud Taci for showing the reader the unflinching portrait of a woman's desperate suffering at the beginning of the story, and taking us on her journey of healing. It is a must read for anyone who loves wonderful romance and a love that transcends everything.
You can purchase your kindle copy by clicking here.

  Traci Sanders has been composing poetry, songs, and children’s stories since the young age of ten. In 2003, she opened her home to young children in her community offering “beyond the basics” teachings. In 2008, she was recognized by the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency as Family Childcare Provider of the Year and was featured in two local newspapers.
In 2010, she furthered her education by earning her Child Development Associates degree and was a recipient of the FIRST (First Incentive for Raising Standards among Teachers) Award presented by the Child Care Commissioner of her state. She continues to shape the young minds of the future through her home-based childcare program. Her daily interactions with these children provide constant inspiration for her writing and she plans to continue on this path until her story has reached “The End.”
You can find out more about Traci and her books at her website  You can also connect with her on Facebook and twitter.


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