Monday, May 23, 2016

Taming James: An Excerpt

My newest book, Taming James, is now available for purchase. I thought I would share an excerpt with you. The following comes from Chapter Twelve.

James endured the stony silence Liv gave him during the ride home. He glanced at her from time to time, but the rigid tilt of her head never changed. When they finally arrived at the apartment, Liv stalked towards the door, leaving James to pay the driver.
He hurried to catch up with her and barely stopped before the front door she slammed hit him in the face. He felt his temper rise as he opened the door and stepped inside.
“Would you mind telling me what I’ve done to piss you off?” he asked politely.
Liv rounded on him, her eyes flashing. “You know damn well what you did! What you both did!”
“Both, who?”
“You and Alyssa! Oh, I know she’s going to flirt with every man I bring around, sleep with him if she can. She’s proven that. But you! Flirting with her, touching her, kissing her—right in front of me!”
“I never kissed her,” James defended himself. “We danced and I hugged her, yes. But I never kissed her.”
“She blew you a kiss.”
“Yes. We talked a bit, and she appreciated what I told her.”
“And what was that? That you would arrange for a hotel room?”
James felt his anger ratchet up. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“You!” Liv waved her hands at him. “You’re my boyfriend, and you don’t even have the decency not to sniff after my sister.”
“I was not sniffing after her. And I’m not your boyfriend.”
“Oh, that’s right. You’re not. Heaven forbid James Wyley be in a committed relationship. Have you ever even had a real girlfriend?” Liv paced, anger forcing her to move. He just stood there, watching her with that damn smug look in his eyes. What would it take, she wondered, to hurt him like he hurt her?
James was struggling not to shake her. “That’s not your business. Stop acting like a child.”
Liv sneered. “What’s the matter? Are you afraid that I’m going to discover the truth? You’re not really a ladies man at all, are you James? I bet the truth is, you go through women so fast because they leave your bed unsatisfied.”
James’s eyes narrowed. “Balls to that. I’ve not had any complaints. Can you say the same?”
“Oh, I can. I’m also positive that every man I’ve had is better than you.” Anger had her snapping out the lie.
His temper spiked out of control. “Is that so?” he snapped. “Let’s see, then.”
He reached out and hauled her to him without thinking. His hands bit into her shoulders as his lips covered her in a searing kiss.
Shock held Liv in place and caused her to part her lips for him. Shock was quickly replaced by heat as his tongue danced with hers. She wanted to push him away, she wanted to pull him closer. Her hands fisted in his shirt, and she couldn’t hold back a hum of pleasure.
James lifted his head, startled by the sudden shift into heated passion. “Liv,” he said hoarsely.
“Kiss me again,” she heard herself whisper, feeling bereft without his lips on hers.
James dipped his head again, his fingers threading through her hair before his hands reached around to cup her bottom and pull her closer to him.
Liv shivered as his lips trailed down her throat, moaned as he nibbled at the pulse rabbiting there. Her hands moved of their own violation, tugging his shirt free of his jeans and struggling with the buttons. Nothing mattered now except feeling the heat of his skin with her fingertips.
He helped her, shrugging out of the shirt and letting it fall to the floor before lifting the hem of the top she wore. He tugged it over her head and palmed her lace-covered breasts. He ran this thumbs over the hardened nipples, and her breathy moan had him doing it again as he claimed her lips once more.
Neither of them were sure how they made it into the bedroom, leaving clothes and shoes scattered behind them. All they knew was the heat, the desire, building between them.
James’s hands covered her bare breasts as they fell across the bed. He lowered his head to taste one, his tongue teasing a nipple into a hard point. Liv’s hand tangled in his hair as he transferred his attention to the other one. Her other hand went lower, and he rocked against the fingers that closed around him.
Fire was racing through her veins. She wanted, she needed, she took. She shuddered as his hands explored her body and his mouth worked magic on hers.
They weren’t gentle with each other as they tangled the sheets with their movement. There was too much urgency, too much want, for gentle.
James exhaled a harsh breath when she slid her hand along the iron-hard length of him. He grabbed her wrists and brought them over her head as he nestled between her legs. She felt him pushing against her as he braced his arms on either side of her.
A small semblance of reason returned, and she knew she had to tell him. “James,” she whispered.
He didn’t hear her as his lips covered hers again and he thrust into her.
Pain blossomed, quick and bright, before being replaced by burning pleasure. Liv let out a strangled moan as her hips arched up to meet him. Reason melted away as she lost herself in the swirling storm.
James groaned at the tight heat of her and hooked an arm under her leg, lifting it up to drive deeper into her.
Liv gasped at the sensation and grasped his shoulders. Her nails dug into him, and her frantic cries spurred him on. The orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, and she cried out. James’s shout of satisfaction followed, and he dropped his forehead to hers.
“Christ,” he panted. “That was fantastic.”
Liv made a sound of agreement, a drowsy smile on her face. She stretched as James rolled to the side and pulled her close. They both drifted to sleep, the heat of their bodies making a blanket unnecessary.

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  1. Great excerpt, Beth! Now I HAVE to know what Liv is trying to "tell" James. I can't wait to get time to read this. It will be this summer!

  2. Thanks, Traci! I hope you enjoy it!