Monday, December 26, 2016

It's That Time Again

We're on the countdown to a new year. Can you believe how fast 2016 flew by? I can't. I look back and wonder where the time went. Since this is the last Monday before the new year, I decided to reflect on the past twelve months and share my goals for the next twelve.

I've been busy this year! I released two books: Taming James and Magnolia Flames. I started building my newsletter list (you can subscribe here) and committed to writing and releasing at least two more books in 2017. 

My daughter turned ten in September (she's growing up WAY too fast), I indulged in Black Friday shopping, and we just had an amazing Christmas. 

We did have some sad times this year. My husband's beloved grandmother passed away, a well-liked co-worker lost his life in a motorcycle accident, and a sweet little cousin was diagnosed with cancer. She's currently fighting her battle at St. Jude. 

The sad moments made me pause and realize just how blessed I truly am. Sometimes I complain because I'm tired from lack of sleep and overworking, and sometimes I fuss because I don't manage to get something I want within a particular time frame (Patience is NOT one of my strong points.) But then I look around a realize exactly what I DO have: happy, healthy children, a loving and (mostly) indulgent husband, a nice home, food on my table. I'm blessed, more that I ever deserve to be, and I give thanks.

So, what do I have planned for 2017? What are my goals? 

I've committed to releasing two books under the Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World series. The first book, Bourbon Street Heat, will be here in January!

I'm hoping to have the third and final book in the Unexpected Emotion Series out in 2017 as well, so look for news concerning Tempting Norah.

Be more consistent about blogging. On Mondays, we write blog posts.

Be more organized and prioritize my time better. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Read at least 50 books. I would aim for a higher number, but I'll need to spend most of my time writing, so I'll set it at 50. (Send in those book suggestions--I'm always looking for the next great read!)

And 2017 will be the year I conquer it all! Because, dammit, I'm determined to follow through with everything.

What do you want to accomplish in 2017?


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