Monday, December 5, 2016

What's Your Favorite Podcast?

Do you listen to podcasts? I always have one playing in the car, when I'm doing mindless chores at home, or while I'm at the gym. I listen to several different ones, especially writing ones. Today, I thought I'd share my top five favorite (non-writing) podcasts with you.

5. Casefile True Crime. This podcast takes us through true crime cases from all over the world. It gives plenty of background information, tons of descriptive details, and I always end up with new story ideas.

4. The Trail Went Cold. This is a weekly podcast, with one week being a full-length episode (roughly 40-60 minutes) and the next week being a "mini-cast" (roughly 15-30 minutes.) The host, Robin Warder, tells us about people who have vanished and murder victims where the cases have not been solved--because the trail went cold. It's always an interesting podcast, and I come away with new things to mull over.

3. Welcome to Night Vale. I listen to this with my daughter. The format is that of a small-town radio broadcaster giving community updates. It's a fun, nonsensical way to pass the time. My daughter and I laugh ourselves silly when we listen to it. 

2. The British History Podcast. I love history, especially British history. This podcast delves into British history and gives it to us in exquisite chronological detail. It begins in pre-historic Britain and goes forward from there. So far, we've been through the Celts, the Romans, and the Anglo-Saxons. Now, in season six, we're learning about Alfred and the Vikings. Interesting stuff!

1. The History Chicks. This podcast introduces us to female figures from the past (both factual and fictional) and does so in an engaging manner. I've learned about the Tudor women, Cleopatra, Queen Hatshepsut, Marie Curie, Queen Victoria, Queen Nzinga (that was a totally new one for me--I had never heard of her before), and too many others to name. The hosts, Beckett and Susan, play well off of each other, and I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend listening to them. 

I enjoy listening to each of these podcasts. I always learn something new, and the time seems to go by faster when I'm caught up in a new episode. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys the topics they cover. 

I'm always looking for new podcasts to love. What are some of your favorite podcasts?


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